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Natural Ecology of the Mendocino Coast

Join Oz Farm for a weekend of exploring and learning about the natural ecology of Oz Farm and the Mendocino coast.  Become a naturalist as we learn about the relationship between the rugged coast and the geology of the fault line, the ecology of the Garcia river watershed, the flora and fauna of the area, conservation efforts, and the past, present, and future of the precarious and beautiful coastal redwood tree.  

Courses will be taught by:
Sara Bogart

Margaret C. Lindgren, Owner, Guide and Instructor of Unbeaten Path Tours & Yoga
Guide and Naturalist, Margaret Lindgren, specializes in private, customized Walking Tours, Business Retreats and Yoga Workshops along the Mendonoma Coast.  Margaret focuses her passions in her work as well as in her community stewardships, such as her volunteer work with the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, her membership in the Point Arena Merchants Association as well as her active participation with the Mendocino & Sonoma County Tourism Bureaus.   In addition, Margaret is a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor specializing in Corporate & Wellness Workshops founded on the principals of biomimicry (the imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature as it applies to business and personal growth).  Renowned in many high profile media publications for their Point Arena Stornetta Lands and Architecture in Nature toursUnbeaten Path Tours & Yoga was recently named "Business of the Year" for 2017/2018 by the Mendocino Chamber of Commerce. 

Peter Baye
Ph.D., is a coastal ecologist and botanist specializing in conservation and management of coastal ecosystems and their vegetation, focusing on estuarine marshes, coastal lagoons and streams, beaches, and dunes. He currently works as an independent consulting coastal ecologist in California, where he works on projects featuring wetland and shoreline restoration, sea level rise adaptation, vegetation management plans, and endangered species recovery. Peter lives in the redwood belt of northwest Sonoma County near Annapolis. He previously worked for the Endangered Species Division of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Sacramento, and Regulatory Branch of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in San Francisco. 

Jim Coleman
In 2005, Jim earned a MS in Biology studying grassland restoration at Sonoma State University and since that time has been primarily focused on that work within the OAEC ecological preserve. In addition to Jim’s endeavors at OAEC, he has worked as a field ecologist for the California Native Plant Society in their efforts to help generate a vegetation and habitat map for Sonoma County. Jim works with private land owners and land managers in establishing botanical and photo monitoring protocols that help aid in the successful conservation and restoration of healthy ecosystems. He has served as field ecologist on several restoration studies and mapping efforts of the endangered California Coastal Prairie. In addition to his work in terrestrial systems, Jim has also been active in the recovery of endangered Coho Salmon by helping to restore in-stream habitat. As an interpretive naturalist, Jim also enjoys his many opportunities to teach and lead people in their own nature awareness explorations.

All meals provided by Oz Farm. 

3pm: Arrive & Settle In
7pm: Dinner
8pm: Sara Bogart Lecture

 From Captivity to Open Ocean. A slide show on the history of cetaceans and pinnipeds in captivity and the industries affecting them.  We'll discuss ocean conservation efforts and organizations like NMFS BW, NOYO, Mendocino Audubon, Mendonoma Whale and Seal and Naked Whale Research. 

8am: Breakfast
10am (Departin
g from Oz at 9:30): Margaret Lindgren
Margaret will take us on a tour of the Stornetta Unit of the California Coastal National Monument System.  On this tour we will learn about the geology, history, oceanography, flora, and fauna of the riparian corridors, extensive wetlands, meadows, sand dunes, and cypress groves.  For more information check out
12:30pm: Lunch
2pm: Jim Coleman

Jim will lead us on a tour of the native grasses and plants at Oz Farm.  We'll hike through the meadows, seasonal riparian areas, and redwood forests. 
6pm: Dinner

9:30am: Brunch
11am (Departin
g from Oz at 10:30): Peter Baye
We'll join Peter Baye on a walking tour of the of Alder Creek lagoon and estuary. 
2pm: Snack
3pm: Departure

All tours will begin at Oz Farm: 41601 Mountain View Road

*Individual Tours do not include meals
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