Point Arena Area

Oz Farm is only a 15-min. drive from Point Arena—which boasts a lovingly-restored movie theater with frequent live music shows, restaurants, and art gallery —and is even closer to spectacular Manchester State Park with its 5-mile unspoiled beach and dunes. 

This comparatively wild part of the “Redwood Coast” offers plenty of activities and other places to explore, from Schooner Gulch State Beach, which includes access to fascinating “Bowling Ball Beach”, to ocean kayaking tours out of Elk.  

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Oz Farm is located 130 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge in coastal Mendocino County. 

You can get to Oz Farm by taking either the inland route via the Anderson Valley or the coastal route. Either way, it takes about three hours to drive there from the Golden Gate Bridge. 

For a wonderful variety of scenery, consider coming one way and returning another. 


Take Highway 101 North to Cloverdale (an hour and a half drive from the Golden Gate Bridge). 

Take the northernmost Cloverdale exit marked “128 West, Fort Bragg, Mendocino” and at the end of the exit ramp, turn left. Take right at sign for Highway 128 WEST and continue to Boonville (45 minutes to Boonville from Cloverdale). [If you're coming from Ukiah and points north, take 101 South to the Boonville-Ukiah Road exit, Highway 253. Follow 253 to the end where you take a right on Highway 128 to Boonville.] 

Drive through Boonville. Just as you exit the north end of town, turn left onto MOUNTAIN VIEW ROAD. Consecutive signs before the turn say: “Airport” and “Point Arena.” IMPORTANT! Check your odometer when you make this turn: the Oz Farm driveway is 23 miles from the left turn onto Mountain View Road. This leg of the trip takes 45 minutes on a steep and winding road. 

After about 20 miles, Mountain View Road heads steeply downhill and emerges from the forest slightly more than one mile above the Oz Farm driveway. (From the top of this hill on a clear day, there is an immense view of the Pacific Ocean with the Point Arena Lighthouse and the Garcia River estuary straight ahead.) As you come down the hill, you will pass through a farm with a duck pond on the left side of the road and residences on the right. Keep an eye out for the Oz Farm driveway on the left about .8-mile beyond this farm 41601 Mountain View Rd.  Mile Marker 1.65 is on the right, almost directly across from our driveway marked with a small sign that says “Oz Farm”. Turn left onto the driveway (a gravel road) and pass across an open field (you'll see our wind generator on the right), then down through redwoods where you'll emerge in the valley near the Community House. Park in the parking area. 


This route, which assumes you're coming from the San Francisco Bay area, combines freeway and smaller roads to be roughly equivalent in time to the inland route above if you're starting at the Golden Gate Bridge. Getting onto Highway 1 further south than indicated can add more time but you experience more of Highway 1's famous scenery. 

Take Highway 101 North to Petaluma. Take EAST WASHINGTON ST. Exit; turn left at end of exit ramp and back over highway. Continue west on East Washington through downtown Petaluma. East Washington St. becomes Washington St., then Bodega Avenue as you head out of town. This road becomes Petaluma-Valley Ford Road near the town of Two Rock, then merges with Highway 1 a couple of miles east of Valley Ford. Follow Highway 1 through Bodega, Jenner, Stewart's Point, Gualala, and Point Arena. Four miles north of Point Arena – after crossing the Garcia River – turn right onto MOUNTAIN VIEW ROAD to the Oz Farm driveway 1.65 miles east. The driveway (a gravel road) is on your right and marked with a small sign that says “Oz Farm”. Follow driveway across an open field, down through redwoods where you'll emerge in the valley near the Community House. Park in the parking area.