Oz Farm offers a very special setting for weddings and receptions. We're delighted to see more couples holding ceremonies renewing their vows or celebrating the anniversary of their nuptials here. 

Wedding parties rent Oz Farm for the full Thursday-to-Monday "long weekend", just like any other group: you and your guests may arrive at 3 p.m. on Thursday and stay until 12 p.m. on Monday.

 We compel all interested couples to visit Oz Farm in person and take a wedding tour before moving forward with questions and planning, please email to set up a tour! 

photo credit:  Sarah Peet Photography

Basic fees for weddings. 

The basic fee to rent Oz Farm for a weekend wedding is $10,000 for the Main Camp with the Domes. These fees are higher than our retreat rental rates because they cover up to 100 day guests, in addition to 30 guests staying on the farm. Maximum occupancy is 150 day guests and 60 overnight guests for an additional fee of $20/person/night

What's Included in your Wedding Rental at Oz Farm: 
Access to all Guest Accommodations: Barn, Community House & Bath House, 5 cabins, 2 Yurts, The Geodesic Domes, Hot Tub, Pizza Oven, Bonfire Pit, Portable Toilets, Trash service and swimming in the Garcia River. 

In addition it's mandatory that you use one of Oz Farm's in house Day Of Coordinators. 

Check the Cabins page for general information about accommodations and for specifics about cabin sleeping capacities and other details. 

Wedding in August Photograph by Josiah Alter Photography

Wedding in August Photograph by Josiah Alter Photography

Day guest limit and over-limit fees. 

The basic fees for wedding groups above cover a maximum of 100 day guests per day at any single event. This limit does not include the relatively small number of your guests who will be staying at Oz, typically no more than 30. The maximum for over night guests is 60.

There is an additional $20 per person charge for every person over the 100 limit for each day there's an event with more than 100 day guests. For example, if your event had 130 day guests one day and 125 the next, there would be an additional fee of $1,100. The maximum number of day guests is 150. 

Nik Z Photography

Nik Z Photography

Payment of fees 

Oz Farm requires a $2000 deposit in order to hold a date. ($1000 non-refundable and $1000 cleaning deposit refundable after the event as long as no damages are made)
All fees must be received by Oz Farm at least two weeks prior to your arrival date. 

A Certificate of Liability Insurance must be received at least two weeks in advance, covering the dates in question, and sponsors (typically the wedding couple) must sign a Waiver of Liability form. 

Because it is hard to estimate exactly the number of people who will actually attend the wedding and associated events, we ask you to pay using your best estimate.If more people come than you expect, we will ask you to pay the difference afterwards; if fewer people come, we will reimburse you. 

Outside services; vagaries of weather 

Our Resources for Planners page has referrals to local caterers, services and accommodations (for overflow guests or guests requiring less rustic accommodations), but all arrangements of this nature are your responsibility. 

Similarly, you assume all responsibility for the possibility of inclement weather--rain, wind, cold weather and the like. 


If you plan to bring in special lights, use blow dryers, curling irons, or amplified music, you will need to provide your own generator. Oz Farm is powered completely by the sun and wind and cannot handle electrical loads of this sort. We ask you to leave the premises in the clean condition you found them and take all recycling out with you. 

Firearms and other weapons are strictly forbidden anywhere on the property

Planning ahead 

Oz Farm offers many exceptional places for holding your ceremony and other events--from the ethereal redwood grove near the Community House to the sweeping valley vista atop “Tai Chi Hill”, just to mention a few. We strongly encourage you to visit Oz Farm prior to the wedding and to have caterers, party planners and others involved do the same so you will be able to use the Oz Farm settings to it's fullest potential. If you want to spend the night at Oz for such a planning visit, there are usually cabins available to rent before our official guest season opens.