“Living in community with like minded people is a gift not many are granted. It allows one to step out of the noise of society and find out your personal values to have them only strengthen when the apprenticeship is over. It has been a real joy to make lifetime friendships and fun memories from creating a parade float to dancing while harvesting potatoes to just sitting together reading books in silence.” –Kelly, Apprentice 2017

"Roots, deep connection, cyclical, introspection, wonder, serene, movement, growth, stillness, strength, sweetness, rise, cleanse, magic, abundance, interdependent, being.  These are some of the first words that come to me when I think of Oz – a viscerally magical space that I will hold in my heart for the rest of my life. Through my apprenticeship at Oz I’ve learned what it means to be deeply in tune with the land I live on and to develop relationships built on our common stewardship of the earth. There is profound opportunity for inner growth when spending your days growing fruits, vegetables, flowers and soil. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to have my hands in the earth every day, to live and work with some of the most hardworking and curious people I know, and to bask in the colorful abundance of the fields and the community. " -Marie, Apprentice 2017

"Apprenticing at Oz was a transformative experience for me. Connecting deeply with the land by working with it to grow food is something every person should experience. Living in community deepened my relationships in all parts of my life and helped me form the vision for my future. I had so much fun working hard in the fields, jumping in the river, laughing, and dancing the nights away with such a badass group of people" -Sammy, Apprentice 2017

“Being a transient farmer from Tennessee, when I think of home on the West Coast, Oz comes to mind. My apprenticeship with them provided me the opportunity to expand my passion for growing food and solidified my plan to one day live in an intentional, agricultural community. Being in a community of young farmers gave me confidence in my ability to live and thrive in such an environment. The benefits of living there extended beyond the farm itself. Point Arena is small but full of intensely creative folk. With the retreat aspect of the farm, Oz exposed me to many different types of people traveling to the area. The labor and emotional bonding that went into my time spent at Oz has had a lasting affect on my overall character. I gained a lot of agricultural knowledge and skills in a short amount of time. My inner strength and capacity to be a supportive community member was also greatly improved through my time spent there. The land and people of Oz have a magic about them. This is a place that will push you to be a  better farmer and a greater community member. It will also provide you with moments of healing, laughter and lasting friendships.” -Emma, Apprentice 2016


"Living at Oz was one of the most influential and important parts of my life. I learned so much about not just how to grow food, but what it takes to be a part of a farming community. Oz helped me to grow professionally, educationally, and spiritually. There's something magical about the land and people there, and it can't help but change you. Hearing all the stories everyone in town and at market would share of their experiences there shows you that you're helping to grow and nurture not only the land, but a place that has touched so many lives. After my apprenticeship, I definitely feel there is a pre and post Oz me." -Matt, Apprentice 2016